Harvesting Value from Agricultural & Forest Waste



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Takachar is on a mission to fight climate change by transforming massive amounts of waste biomass into marketable products around the world.

Worldwide, $120 billion worth of crop and forest residues are burned in the open each year.  If used productively, these residues represent a $10 billion market globally. Takachar's process can be a profitable way to make economic use of this biomass, while reducing air pollution.



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Using a novel thermo-chemical process, Takachar has developed and patented the design of small-scale, low-cost, portable equipment to convert waste biomass into solid fuel, fertilizer, and other specialty chemicals. Compared to the process of sending waste biomass to centralized conversion facilities, Takachar's system is more profitable by significantly reducing the logistics cost of hauling loose, wet, and bulky biomass.


Our work impacts the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:


Eliminate fossil based sources to produce fuels, fertilizers and specialty chemicals. Eliminate more than 95% of smoke compared to open biomass burning or biomass induced wildfires.


Mitigate 700 million tons/year of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions by 2030.


Increase the net income of rural communities by 40% by creating a market for crop residues.


Takachar's innovation has won variety of recognition ranging from business plan competitions, incubation programs & fellowships, and government research & commercialization agencies, such as:

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Cohort 2018

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Cohort 2019


Cohort 2019

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Forbes 30 Under 30 for Social Entrepreneurs 2020

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Winner 2018


Winner 2020


Energy Challenge Winner


Cohort 2018

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Cohort 2016

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Winner 2018


Our internationally recognized founding team has deep domain knowledge of biomass technology and markets:

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Kevin Kung

Co-founder, President & CTO

Loves to deep dive into the science of biomass technology. Wastes no time to use waste productively.

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Vidyut Mohan 

Co-founder & CEO


Loves to be the voice of the customer & develop product offerings. Always curious, but hopes curiosity never kills him.


Be a part of our mission.

Current opportunities at Takachar:

Thermal Systems Engineer, India

Chief Dragon Tamer (aka Pilot Equipment Operator, USA/Canada